Wulf Athletic started with strong connections in grass roots sport. Our broad and diverse portfolio in both the Sport Performance and Sport Inspired apparel supply ranges from military organisations to regional grassroot groups. This has enabled Wulf Athletic to transcend and become a respected, and credible brand both on and off the field of play.

The key to our success and the execution of our strategy ‘Lead the Pack’, are our people and our culture. They bring our identity to life, defined by our purpose, mission, and attitude.  

Wulf Athletic is a family owned and operated company based on the Hibiscus Coast, in Auckland NZ. We apply a digital-first approach that spans from our products all the way to our consumer, and we apply a mindset of ingenuity across our entire business.



Wulf Athletic was started in 2018, and was created to make good looking sports apparel. We soon realised that to have kit that looked good just wasn't going to cut it. We knew we had to develop apparel that was comfortable, functional, as well as keeping it at a reasonable price point.

After getting sick of seeing our teams still wearing kit from the 90's, we thought there had to be something better. Unfortunately we were wrong. Most suppliers were businesses who just simply didn't keep up with the times - sure, what they were offering would have been good back when they started, however, sports teams needed more.

The world of sports was evolving, and suppliers were not. The ones who did, were also the big brands - and where there are big brands, there are big price tags. Not bad for the big clubs, but not good for the small clubs.

And so Wulf Athletic was born. It's taken a lot of time and financial investment, but we are just beginning to crack the surface of an industry ruled by corporations.



With some experience under our belt, and loyal following of return clients, it is only up from here. Wulf Athletic maintains its mission to become the best custom apparel brand in Aotearoa New Zealand, through quality and design, whilst sticking to an affordable price point.

Wulf Athletic continues to work towards creating sustainable apparel as well as aiming to employ more New Zealanders. Our mission to be the best custom apparel supplier in Aotearoa New Zealand can only be achieved through the support of our wider community. Creating employment for our community is one way we are getting that support.

Through our constant development, we aim to blur borders between what is considered to be high fashion and high performance. We understand that the world of sport is evolving, and so are peoples lifestyles, with that we need to evolve with them, so Wulf Athletic designs with that in mind. Why be a wolf in sheep's clothing, when you can be a wolf in Wulf Athletic.




At the heart of Wulf, you’ll find our people. From our creative direction team in Auckland, to quality controllers in Shenzhen and our clients nationwide, it’s never just one person’s effort to reach our goals — we do it as a team. Wulf aims to bring together people from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of skill sets, mindsets and assets — and together, we be about it.

Wulf Athletic Customer Service teams provide service and support for our new and return clients. They build and maintain strong relationships, manage and track orders through delivery, respond to questions and work with internal partners to resolve complex customer issues.

Our designers chase their curiosities and build what’s next, shaping the culture and help to deliver what our clients want. The Design team includes artists, inventors and specialists, all with different focuses, including colour and material experts, apparel gurus, and graphic designers. Wulf Athletic designers look to the future, aggressively pursuing materials, ideas and forms that further elevate the athlete experience, raise the bar for modern style and reduce environmental impact.

Wulf Athletic would be nothing if not for the people on the ground. The ones who put on their club kit and wear it with pride. The mums and dads who make sure their kids uniforms are ready for the following weekend of sport. Everyone who wears Wulf Athletic apparel all become part of the Wulf Pack.